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Mizumemachi is a quiet and peaceful town in the appearance, but once night falls, criminals lurks around the alleys and corrupted officials plan their escape routes. While on his way home after a scolding from his boss, reporter Akitsuki witnessed the appearance of a guy cloaked in black, claimed as the devil himself. Is the devil here for bad, or good? + Home
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Comics - Chapter 01 Page 17 - February 14th, 2011, 1:31 am

Average Rating: 5.00




Hiwatari, February 14th, 2011, 1:37 am

Nothing much to say for this page.... except Megumi's hair toning is a pain (3 layers!!! <_<...)

As some of you may know, Le Diable volume 1 is (supposed to be) going to be published this summer (or earlier if I can handle)~ I am thinking of having one or two pages in the volume dedicated to fanarts (like how One Piece does) XD If you are interested, please e-mail your fanarts to me at Ki.Hiwatari@gmail.com. Minimum requirement for size is 2 inches at 300dpi (ie. 600x600 pixels). However, if you are sending large canvas sizes, they will still be reduced because I will be putting multiple fanarts on a page depending on how many I receive ;D Deadline is March 31, 2011 for now.

Sol>> LOL Actually the hair style is a bit different... the bangs are supposed to be different in the designs of this headmaster and Ren, but it did not turn out like the concept design art XD This headmaster is also supposed to have more hair at the sides <_< (I shall draw him better in future appearances)

Kairin>> Did I ever make a Photoshop tutorial? <_<.... I only remember writing a half-assed page on a few Photoshop functions... here: http://animegenkai.110mb.com/ag044.php

Shigatsu>> LOL This headmaster is not boring either~ but I think it takes some chapters before you know how he is like XD

Ina>> LOL Thanks (yes, the mustache is a bit weird.... fails)

Guest>> LOL Haha, because I fail at drawing mustaches <_<

ChristianAnimeGirl>> Thank you so much in advance!! Fanarts can be coloured or b&w, but the final printing will be black & white in the volume.

-Ki Hiwatari

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shumay (Guest), February 14th, 2011, 8:12 am

omg you know what, during maths class today i actually drew you a fanart LOLOLOL what a coincidence.. Does this mean that it has to be coloured and no sketches?

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