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Mizumemachi is a quiet and peaceful town in the appearance, but once night falls, criminals lurks around the alleys and corrupted officials plan their escape routes. While on his way home after a scolding from his boss, reporter Akitsuki witnessed the appearance of a guy cloaked in black, claimed as the devil himself. Is the devil here for bad, or good? + Home
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KASAKI, Yuki (火崎 由稀)

AGE: 14
BIRTHDAY: 11 January
HOBBY: Reading, Day-dreaming

ABOUT: Yuki is a normal high school student attending Mizume High. She is quiet and seldom takes the initiative to talk to other people. She believes that having one most important friend is enough in her life, thus she is trying to avoid everyone except Megumi. She loves to act alone and day-dream in class instead of listening to the lecture. However, she is able to get good grades and stands at the top of the class. She is also bad at cooking.

Akuma (悪魔)

AGE: --

ABOUT: Akuma means "devil" in Japanese. One day, the devil appears in Mizumemachi and starts to judge the people living there. Everyone who does wrong are to be punished by disappearing from the town. The devil holds a silver sword, which he uses to stab the people he thinks are "sinners" without leaving a trace of the kill. What is the thing he wants? Is he here for good or bad?

AKITSUKI, Takeshi (秋月 武)

AGE: 28
BIRTHDAY: 28 April
HOBBY: Watching TV

ABOUT: He is a reporter in Mizumemachi. While going back home from work one day after a scolding from his boss, he came across a robber, and there he witnessed the appearance of the devil. After the event, he is determined to stalk the devil and find out more about him in order to obtain the "great news" to satisfy his boss.

AKABE, Megumi (赤部 恵)

AGE: 14
BIRTHDAY: 9 August
HOBBY: Busybody-ing

ABOUT: Megumi is Yuki's best friend since elementary school. She is regarded as a beauty with her nice long hair and eyes, but she is also very picky when it comes to guys. She always stands by Yuki but sometimes can be annoying when it comes to the things she is obsessed with. She also has a hobby of going shopping after school and in the weekends, even if she does not have something in mind to buy.

YUKIHIRO, Nagisa (雪広 渚)

AGE: 15
HOBBY: Sports (kind of)

ABOUT: Nagisa is a student in Yuki's class. He is cheerful and seems to be trying his best to make friends with Yuki, even when she is obviously cold towards everyone except Megumi. He is always smiling and likes to appear suddenly. However, Nagisa is actually very observant and considerate of others when it comes to his friends and people he loves.

KOUGA, Yamiyoru (武牙 闇夜)

AGE: 15
BIRTHDAY: 21 August

ABOUT: (coming soon)

TETSUWA, Ameko (鉄羽 雨古)

AGE: ?

ABOUT: (coming soon)

UMINO, Kiyotaka (海野 清隆)

AGE: --
HOBBY: none

ABOUT: Homeroom teacher of Yuki's class. He is very strict and likes to give the class hard assignments. He does not smile at all and punishes everyone who misbehaves in his class. He makes it very clear in the first class that his students are to pay full attention during his lectures. He is not liked by anyone in this class.